“Signs of Change not only connects us with our employees and our project partners, it connects us to community. It facilitates necessary relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have happened that brings about positive change”

Sherry Schluessel, COO

Do well by doing good.


Signs of Change is an initiative, not a foundation. Having worked with serval non-profit organizations Sherry Schluessel, COO, realized that the common issue among charities, is that they don’t have money to put towards their own marketing. In 2015 the Mayfair project, a substantial development on the corner of Jasper and 109th, sparked an idea that would become core to ProCura’s ability to give back in the communities where it operates.


Development projects have a lot of opportunity for signs. The Mayfair project was a full city block in a prominent location. That meant prime space visibility for companies who wanted to pay for this advertising and support their community. Money from the signage is then redirected to a charity selected by ProCura.


Signs of Change has allowed the ProCura team to stand by their commitment to reinvest a portion of project success directly back into the community. It has also allowed project partners to do the same. So far, together we have raised over $1 million dollars to help at risk youth and families. That signage around developments brings karma into the community.


Being mindful and consciously aware of how ProCura has built its success, has made it a champion for staying connected it a meaningful and deliberate way with its partners.