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Edmonton’s greatest feature is its River Valley. This incredible stretch of forested land winds its way through the City along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River creating an abundance of scenic views and vistas. The River Valley features hundreds of kilometers of trails connecting parks, running, walking, biking trails and a myriad of other amenities. As the City of Edmonton grew and established its core, the River Valley edge became the most desirable high-density land.


Sedona is located on the River Valley edge in the heart of downtown Edmonton. It is unique in that it will not compete for an upscale resident, rather, it will focus on quality-built, entry-level rental housing. The 208 suites at Sedona are exceptionally planned and will look to a customer cohort that, due to affordability, would otherwise not be in a position to live in the core.


Located on a River Valley site that was formerly a hotel, Sedona is one of the last few River Valley locations that will be built out for some years to come.


Sedona is in the heart of the city’s most dense employment district and those many workers who are challenged to find rental housing close to their place of employment will gravitate to Sedona. The suite mix speaks to a smaller overall suite size than usual which will drive an affordable absolute rent.


With access to all the city has to offer, residents of Sedona will not need a car, will embrace an urban lifestyle, and will enjoy a short walk to all their essential and entertainment needs.