Time Square


Project Status
Zoned, final design

INVESTMENT: (50% ownership) $12.0 million



Time Square is a 445-unit, mixed-use, multi-family rental complex located in ProCura’s master-planned Century Park community. Immediately adjacent Louvre, which finished construction in March 2022.


Time Square will take advantage of the learnings from the construction of Louvre and create an opportunity for a seamless transition of from ProCura’s Louvre project to Time Square. This strategy ensures the knowledge gained by the Development and Construction Team is levered to achieve maximum value for stake holders.


The project lease up strategy will consider a well stabilized Louvre project well before the commencement of the leasing of Time Square. The complex will be 6 stories of housing accompanied by main floor commercial space, and one level of parking.


Flexibility is built into the approach to suite-mix and will ultimately be guided by the immediately preceding Louvre project and the rental take-up by our customers.


Time Square’s signature landmark will be its clock tower overlooking the Century Park community. The complex is designed to include an outdoor area at its center with active areas to encourage community engagement.


As with all the complexes in ProCura’s master Planned Century Park, Time Square’s customers prefer a transit-orientated, pedestrian lifestyle.


Time Square is located adjacent Edmonton’s southern-most Light Rail Transit (LRT) station which connects it to the University of Alberta (10-minutes by train), the Government District and City Centre (two major employment nodes) within a 20-minute train commute.


Commercial amenities such as grocery, restaurants, medical services, banking, are also immediately adjacent Times Square. These amenities will be further enhanced planned commercial space on two sides of Time Square.